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Message's That Heal 

Catherine Crowley is a spiritual medium and intuitive.  Over the past 35 years, she has helped those with family and friends who have passed on to connect with their loved ones on the other side. 
At times, Cathy has been the very beginning of the healing process when someone suffers the loss of someone close to them. 

Known for her gentle and compassionate readings, Catherine's ability to connect to those on the other side has made her a favorite in the community and across the country. 
She is able to hear, see and speak with the departed and deliver very precise messages that will bring comfort those that need reassurance.

Catherine is available for private individual sessions as well as group family sessions.  She also holds  monthly group talks at Mystics.... "Messages that Heal."  This is a very special talk on life after death that those who attend
 find educational and enjoyable but most importantly .... healing.  Included in these group talks are messages from those who have crossed over to people in attendance.  
For further information, to book an appointment with Catherine, or to reserve a seat for her monthly talk please call 203-980-6272.
Monthly "Messages That Heal" ~  $25/person
Private session fees:  $120/individual ~ 60 minutes
$60/individual ~ 30 minutes
$20. for each additional person for 30 or 60 minute readings
 HOME PRIVATE PARTY FEES : MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS AT A COST OF $450. FOR 2 HOURS ONLY ~ Additional fee if over 30 min. Travel time

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