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Reiki/Past Life Regression


Madelyn Hayes is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist with extensive training in Regression Therapy at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach. She specializes in Past Life Regression and Spiritual Regression, she is also a Reiki Master.  Madelyn can also help through hynpnosis to stop smoking, weight loss, stress etc..
For more information on Madelyn's services or to set up an appointment with her ~ or 203 988 4402.



Pronounced "Ray-Key", this age old healing technique means "Universal Life Force Energy" or "Universal Energy." 

A Reiki session treats the whole person ~ Body, Mind and Spirit.  Reiki works in harmony with other kinds of treatment and helps the body's natural ability to heal itself.  A Reiki session will leave you relaxed and with a feeling of well-being.

Reiki works well with other modalities and can be used before surgery and/or after surgery, as well as help to lessen the side effects of cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. $65 for a one hour Reiki session

~Maddie also offers Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master Certification classes



The history of each person's soul is recorded in the person's subconscious mind.  Many of us have our conscious memories of past events and the associated emotions have a direct and profound effect upon our current lives.  Gaining access to these records can be the adventure of a lifetime. 

Past life memory is an experience to be enjoyed and embraced for growth and spiritual development.  The true value of knowledge of past lives is in the lessons you have learned. Your soul's memory is your true wisdom.  Understanding where we have been builds wisdom, which builds trust and conquers fear. 

Madelyn can help you explore your past as a means to help you better understand where you are going in your current life and keep you from repeating past mistakes.   $100.


Madelyn's Life Between Life regression based on Michael Newton's book "Journey of Souls" will assist in finding answers to the following questions:

~What is your soul's purpose?
~What does your soul need to learn to evolve?

Through regression, you can meet your soul group and experience the love and wisdom of the elders. 

A Life Between Life session is an empowering experience, and will help you to discover yourself.  No two sessions are alike as each soul has its own memories and its own energy pattern.  Please contact Maddie for details and cost at 203 988 4402

394 New Haven Avenue  Milford, CT  06460 203-980-6272