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Mary Clare, owner and founder of Mystics, is a Tarot Card  Reader who uses numerology and intuition in her readings to tie together the past, present and future. 
This makes for a well-rounded view and helps to find answers to life's difficult questions.

Mary uses tarot to gain a clear picture of the possibilities that lie within our grasp.  The choices we make today will create our future.  Tarot works from insight and not hindsight.
Mary Clare also teaches Tarot for anyone who is interested in learning for themselves.  

Numerology is also used during Mary Clare's readings.  Each number has a positive and negative flow of energy, and this will be determined by the choices that we make. 
Positive energy is focused and, if we concentrate on it, teaches us to flow through the obstacles in life. Understand your lifes path and your destination.

Mary Clare also offers Reiki sessions and is known for her gentle, positive attitude.  

 Tarot session fee - $90. ~ 60 minute 
Tarot session also includes numerology
Reiki session fee - $75
Mary Clare is available by appointment 203.980.6272 ~ Phone sessions also available (fee payable in advance of session)
  Home Tarot Parties ~ $175. per hour



Gulls Landing
394 New Haven Ave Units 5 & 8
Milford, CT  06460